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Cheap brochure printing online product with FREE folding on most popular fold types. For product informational pamphlet, restaurant menus or even event information flyer as a brochure, we can tailor this product to your needs. Chat with us today so we can recommend a brochure size + style for your order. Our affordable line of brochures are:

  • Available in different 8 sizes
  • FREE different folding options
  • Available in quantities of 250 to 100,000 (Contact us for quantities over 100k)
  • Different paper stock options
  • Fast turnaround time (Next Day Brochure Printing available)

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What our custom brochure customers are saying:

★★★★★ - Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA  -  Alec Stuart

Our company was looking for a high-quality brochure-maker at an affordable rate. 55 Printing provided us with something that exceeded our expectations. Good job, guys.

★★★★★ -  Manchester Square, Los Angeles, CA - Stephanie C, 

Brochures define your brand. This is why we wanted sophisticated brochure printers that could do this job for us, by specifically taking our goal into consideration. We are glad we found 55 printing, and they have done a brilliant job. Our customers are happy with the cheap printing and have come back for repeat business.

★★★★★★ - - Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA - Matthew

Brochures printed by 55printing have given a new marketing edge to my business. Keep up the good work.

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- Free Templates for Brochure 8.5" x 11"

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Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

- Download Brochure 11" x 25.5"

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)

Free Folded Templates Brochure 11" x 17"

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold To 8.5" x 11" - (In) (Out)
Half Then Half Fold To 5.5" x 8.5" - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In(Out)


Brochure 9" x 12" (Free Templates)

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold to 4.5" x 12" - (In) (Out) 
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Brochure 9" x 16" (Download for Free)

Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Double Parallel Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Parallel Reverse Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Z-Fold - (In) (Out)


Brochure 6" x 9" Free Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)


Brochure 12" x 18" Folded Templates

Tri-Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold - (In) (Out)
Half Fold then Half Fold - (In)  (Out)
Half Fold then Tri-Fold - (In) (Out) 
Double Parallel Fold - (In) (Out) 
Double Parallel Reverse - (In) (Out)
Single Open Gate Fold - (In)  (Out)
Double Gate Fold - (In) (Out)
Z Fold - (In) (Out)
Roll Fold (4 Panel) - (In) (Out)
Accordion Fold - (In) (Out)

Ideas and Examples

Why do you need to distribute brochures? Simply because it works! Various companies use brochure printing for creating an awareness of the brand and develop brand exposure.  This is a popular medium since businesses can make use of brochures to market the products and services irrespective of whether they try to reach out to the prospective consumers across the nation or within the zip code.

If you have to print the brochure fast and easy, you can get in touch with us. We offer brochure printing services and mailing along with free designing.  All you have to is upload your custom files and use the online design tool and we are going to print your brochure within 2days after proof approval. 

Cheap Brochure Printing Alternative Ideas for Marketing


Brochure Marketing Ideas

Every business has to share information with the clients and the customers and the best way to do this is through brochure printing.  A brochure is a great and resourceful way to transfer the product, procedures, and events so that any you can turn any piece of information into a brochure.  Brochure printing service enhances marketing, educational, fundraising, and educational effort.  It is the perfect choice to distribute information regarding the products and services and answering the frequently asked questions. 

A brochure which has been designed with a mailing card can be sent to the customers and the prospects directly.  Include the brochure in the sales packet, hand them out in the store, and put it out on display.  You can use them as trade shows, events, lectures, restaurants, and events.  Brochures can be used as price lists, inserts, circulars, product sheets, tracts, leaflets, notices, and menus. They are of the ideal shape and sizes for reports, handouts, portfolios, and maps. In case you want to create interest and generate a response, brochure printing is a must. 

Cheap Brochure Printing Promotions and Marketing

Education Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is a great way to promote your organization. This is particularly the case with universities and schools. Educational institutions will be able to use brochure printing for various reasons which range from creating awareness for marketing.

For instance, a college needs to use brochure printing for reaching out to prospective students. Materials that contain maps and activities for the students should also be distributed in the campus centers.  Public and private schools can use brochures for similar purposes or for informing about upcoming events like fundraisers and sports.

With 55printing, educational institutions will be able to produce brochures they require without even breaking the budget. We have worked with various schools and universities previously to help out with brochure printing requirements. We also provide various sizes, folds, colors, dyes, and styles which help the organization to produce eye-catching brochure at an affordable price. 

Educational Purposed Brochure Printing


What our Brochure Printing customers are saying:

★★★★★ - Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA 

Our company was looking for a high-quality brochure-maker at an affordable rate. 55 Printing provided us with something that exceeded our expectations. Good job, guys.

-  Alec Stuart

★★★★★ -  Manchester Square, Los Angeles, CA 


Brochures define your brand. This is why we wanted sophisticated brochure printers that could do this job for us, by specifically taking our goal into consideration. We are glad we found 55 printing, and they have done a brilliant job. Our customers are happy with the cheap printing and have come back for repeat business.

- Stephanie C, 

★★★★★★ - - Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA

Brochures printed by 55printing have given a new marketing edge to my business. Keep up the good work.

- Matthew

How and Where to Design A Discount Brochure Printing Project

You can easily make the economical brochure design by using Microsoft Word, Publisher or Vista. But before you head on, consider the following things first.

Cheap Brochure Printing

Brochure Printing Research

The first thing you must set your mind when attempting to create your design is to make studies. The studies are your own concepts that you can build from scratch. Before you can experiment designing it on the computer.


How to print a brochure

You can get to work three ideas which you can think to fit your message, your brand or your company or your overall strategy. You can do it on paper, clippings and more. If you were at work on the cheap pamphlet design by using the Microsoft Publisher and Word Vista.  Then you know the affordable brochure design which has certain limitations. You can start with simple ideas.

Cheap Brochure Printing: The Attention-Grabbing Option

Irrespective of the kind of business you are in, cheap brochures can be tailored to fit your marketing needs. This is known to be one of the popular advertising tools which can be used for announcements and promotions. 

Available in Different Brochure Print Folds and Sizes

55printing gives you the option to print brochures at different sizes and fold. Thus, you will get Z fold, tri-fold, double gatefold, roll fold, half-fold, etc. Thus, you can choose the one which is suitable for your business.  When you choose the size, make sure that you consider the staying power.  Ultimately, it should match the quantity of information that you want to convey with the help of the brochure.

Great Deals on Brochure Printing

At 55printing, you will get amazing deals on brochure printing.  Thus, you will be able to print them at a cheaper price. You can simply decide on design online or offline.  Here, you will get superior quality material for your brochure.  Poor quality materials might have a negative impact on your company image.  Thus, we make sure to use only the best. There is also a wide array of finishing choosing from.

Brochures printing services are one of the versatile pieces in the marketing or advertising arena.  Once you are done choosing the size, finish, and design, place the order online without any hassle. 

Cheap Brochure Printing

Every marketer hopes to design a brochure that is worth keeping. Even in the digital era, brochures have not lost its glory. They are effective and have the power to create an impact. Although it is not difficult to design a brochure, you should still follow the basic etiquette to make it interesting. An effective brochure is crucial to make an impact. The information in it is responsible to make the product and brochure accessible to the audience. The better the brochure is the longer will it last.

The design in a brochure is not just limited to written information or layout. You have the freedom and flexibility to add anything you want. Whether you want to play with colors or simply design it in a clean and simple layout, it is up to you. But yes, always choose the design that is relevant to your business. Compile different elements to make an effective brochure. The vital components of a good brochure include the content, font style and overall quality of the brochure.

What is the Brochure Printing?

A 24 hours brochure printing is typically used in the field of marketing. It is an attractive way of reaching out to your target audience. A brochure is part of the traditional marketing process. Until today, all traditional businesses depend on creative marketing strategies. Brochures are used by businesses of all sizes to reach out to their target audience. You can also call it a quick reference in the printed form for the audience to check.

Printing Brochure near me is slightly different from other printing methods. It is not difficult to print a brochure right if you are following the correct parameters. We offer extensive brochure printing services to our valuable customers. Our printing techniques are sure to print the best brochures out there. Our flawless services will help your business run smoothly.

near me cheap brochure printing providers

Things to Consider Before Printing a Brochure

Identify the Purpose

The first step to design an effective brochure is to identify your objective. This will make sure the brochure is an effective one. You need to understand the market segment you want to target. The design will also vary based on the method you want to deliver it. Think about how you want to send the brochures. Are you going to post it through direct mail or distribute it directly in hand? Keep asking yourself several questions about the purpose of the brochure and you will automatically get an idea for designing it.

Number of Folds

One factor that makes a brochure stand out from other types of printed copies is its numerous folds. Each fold is designed to fit a different purpose. It is the folds, that control how the information about your products and services are placed on the brochure. You can take it as an art, a form of presentation. Sometimes it is challenging to choose the right brochure fold.

Always choose the fold that complements well with the product you are dealing with. The folds determine how you intend to present the information to your audience. With our help, you can get the best quality brochure prints. Our brochures have unique features for the best applications.

Checking the copy

It is wrong to think that only the content is the most important part of the brochure. The content is important, but how you present the content matters more. It is due to a good presentation that people will want to read the content. This is where the question of understandability comes to light. Based on the type of audience you have selected, check the copy and see whether it matches the taste and preference of your target group. Later we will discuss the best tips for designing a good brochure.

The Font Style

The contents of the brochure are typically highlighted with a heading and subheading. The body, on the other hand, is itself the attraction. Although you have the freedom of choosing as many font styles you want, it's good to limit your choice to just three. It is the font that will determine the readability of the content. Choose the fonts that are most appealing to the readers.

Type of Paper

Overnight brochure printing is available in different types of paper. Depending on your needs, you can choose to print them in a normal paper. But if you want to give it an attractive look, you can also choose glossy or matte finish paper. The thickness of the paper is also important. A thicker paper with a matte or glossy finish is generally considered as more upscale than a thinner paper. The coating and overall coating types are what collaboratively determine the brochure quality. Thick papers create heavy brochures. As a result, they last longer than normal papers.

ideas for cheap brochure design and printing

High-Resolution Pictures

High-resolution pictures never fail to make an impact. Images with low resolution jagged and blurry. You will also face problems to expand it. It is really difficult to expand an image with low resolution. There are plenty of images on the internet with high resolution. There are many ways to arrange an image creatively. For example, when you are using product images, try placing them in a visually appealing way.

Concluding with a call to action

This is what most people forget to add in a brochure. It is mandatory to end the brochure with a call to action. If you are ignoring it, do so at your own risk. It does not take much space or time to include a call to action. A call to action is responsible to lead your audience to take action. You can use a call to action in many different ways. For example, you can ask your customers to avail discounts or invite them to check your website.

Importance of Brochures for your Business

You may think that cheap brochure printing is ineffective in the digital age. But this is not true. You should know that some of the biggest organizations are dependent on the brochure. These organizations use brochures to reach out to their target audience. Sometimes the simple use it to give out detailed information about them to their respective clients. Even in this digital age, brochures have not lost its importance. With time, the brochures are getting more creative and attractive. If you are a business unit and planning to invest in brochures for marketing, go for it. These are some important benefits of using a brochure mentioned below.

  1. It is versatile: A marketing brochure is one of the most versatile options on the market. It is easy to customize. You can choose from different folds and designs. No matter what look you give it, the brochure will handle it well. This is the reason why a brochure is one of the most attractive tools for marketing.
  2. Cost-effective: Brochures when printed in bulk, stand cost-effective for low-cost business marketing. Businesses running on a tight budget can easily afford to design and print brochures. On the other hand, larger businesses can use brochures for additional marketing. This won’t affect the budget but make an impact at the same time.
Spacious yet compact

Marketing brochures are spacious when compared to the other printed campaigns. The entire brochure is for a particular brand. Hence, the brand will easily create an impact. These are bigger and therefore, there is a lot of space for mentioning your business in detail. But make sure you are using the extra space wisely. Don't make the brochure clumsy. A clumsy brochure will never make a positive impact. Make the brochure compact by enclosing the relevant details. But at the same time allow a lot of white space to allow the eyes to rest.

Great for Promotional activities

A brochure works excellent for promotional purposes. Businesses often enclose brochures with media kits and promotional presentations. The brochure can give your clients or customers a good overview of your company. Some brands choose to include them along with giving away packages. You can use brochures with many tangible items to attract more attention from customers.


Businesses want to communicate information to clients and customers with clarity. Hence, sometimes they look for a medium that will provide ample space to do so. A brochure is bigger and easily available in different folds. Hence, the information in the brochures fit well. A brochure has enough room for including all the information you want along with pictures. Hence, it is the best way to include business information in detail. It keeps the brochure compact and handy with information ready to read anytime.

Tips to Design a good brochure

The overnight brochure printing is simple and easy to comprehend. Never assume that a good brochure should contain complex designs and difficult content. The more you keep it simple, the more will people understand it well. You can either design the brochure on your own or choose to hire a professional to help you. Before you think of hiring a professional, try using certain online applications. There are various applications online with exceptionally good templates for brochures. You can refer to these templates to bring out a good brochure design.

It is very easy to design a simple brochure if you know how to use professional designing software. If you are designing a brochure for the first time, here are some golden tips for you to follow.

Start with the layout first

Many designers make this mistake of starting with the content first. The layout is the base of the entire brochure. Hence, always start with the layout first. Plan a good but simple plan for the layout and implement it with the professional software you are using. A typical layout will include:

  • The borders and margins
  • Bleed size
  • Colors for borders
  • Amount of white space
  • Area selection for content placement
  • Areas selection for image placement

Once you have the layout ready, you can easily proceed to the next step that is designing. This is because the layout allows you to know where to place what and where to leave it blank.

Choose more folds

The folds are particularly important in a brochure. These separate a brochure from other printed copies. It is a good idea to choose more folds. Keeping something uncommon will naturally attract more attention. Adding more folds to a brochure will easily make it stand out from the commonly used brochure types. Printing Brochure near me with more folds is not at all difficult. Place this task on a professional printer and let them handle it. We use exceptional printing techniques to print the best brochures for you. Our prints are well aligned and we make sure the entire design fits perfectly in each brochure.

Keep the content easy to comprehend

Always make the content easy to comprehend. After all, it is the content that will communicate with your customers. Your clients and customers should understand what the content is all about. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure the content in the brochure has no grammatical or spelling errors.

Ensure neat arrangement

This is applicable for both content and image. Always keep the content in the 24 hours brochure printing well arranged. Leave enough white space but place the content and image in strategic locations. Make sure the brochure is neat and clean. Avoid making it clumsy otherwise, people will not want to invest much time behind it.

24 hours brochure printing for cheap and near me

Paper and Printer Quality

Your main aim is to present the brochure well. You already know the weight that a thick paper will get than a thinner variant. Hence, the paper quality will determine the type of brochure you are going to get in hand. The next and final factor to determine the quality of the brochure is the print quality. Always choose a good and professional printer to get the best print quality. These printers work with the best printers in the market. The print quality they provide is always up to the mark.

Components of a Brochure

A typical brochure will come with the following components.

Name and Logo

These are the building blocks of a brochure. With these two vital components, a brochure remains incomplete. The name of your company talks about the company itself. The logo is a mark for identification. Make it a habit to use your company logo in every form of a marketing campaign.

The Cover Page

Every brochure should have a cover page. This page is not the same as the rest of the pages. make the cover page elegant so that people are naturally interested to scan the rest of the pages in the brochure.


A slogan or catchy line is part of every brochure. It easily directs attention towards the brochure. Within a few words, your clients get an idea of what the business is about.


This is the area where you include the main content for the cheap brochure printing. All the relevant details and information about the business other than the contact details should come into this space.

Contact Information

This is the most important part. You need to include the contact details so that the potential clients can contact you for business. Many designers choose to end the brochure with a call to action. But this is your choice on what you do.

A brochure is small, handy and easy to preserve. When the brochure is extraordinary and is no match with the rest of the brochure, people want to preserve it for long. This is the reason it is more effective and creates a long term impact on most businesses.