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Flyers are one of the most used promotional materials.

They are effective and they show very fast results. For that reason, our Club Flyers have:

  • Different size options
  • Different front and back color options
  • Are available in quantities of 100 to 100,000 per order
  • Have different paper stock options
  • Have a fast flyer printing turnaround time

Download Guideline Template For Club Flyers:

5.5" x 2.125" Standard 5.5" x 2.125"
5.5" x 2.125" Round Corners 5.5" x 2.125" (Round)
4.25" x 2.75" Standard 4.25" x 2.75"
4.25" x 2.75" Round Corners 4.25" x 2.75" (Round)
2" x 5.5" Standard 2" x 5.5"
2" x 5.5" Round Corners 2" x 5.5" (Round)
3.5" x 8.5" Standard 3.5" x 8.5"
3.5" x 8.5" Round Corners 3.5" x 8.5" (Round)
8.5" x 3.66" Standard 8.5" x 3.66"
8.5" x 3.66" Round Corners 8.5" x 3.66" (Round)
10" x 3" Standard 10" x 3"
10" x 3" Round Corners 10" x 3" (Round)
9" x 3" Standard 9" x 3"
9" x 3" Round Corners 9" x 3" (Round)
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Note: If your file is a Word Document or PDF which contains multi-pages, we will assume that 1st page is the front and 2nd page is back. Please upload your multi-page file just once.

What our Custom ClubFlyers customers are saying:

★★★★ - Mark Bridges, LA
Wow! Fantastic work on the Club Flyers. Thank you for your superb service! More to follow.

★★★★★ - Eunice Jacobs, Brentwood
Thanks, yet again! We appreciate your attention to detail and the amazing customer service. The best thing is that our Club Flyers were just the way we had envisioned. I’m so in awe of your designers. The color and contrast – guys, this is just awesome! We’ll continue to use this company in the future.

★★★★ - Stewart McCain, Chatsworth
You guys have exceeded my expectations. Very professional work at decent rates.

Cheap Club Flyers Printing - Promote Your Business with Club Flyers

Club flyers are excellent to reach out to potential customers. They are simple, versatile yet attractive. Businesses looking to expand in their areas will find club flyers extremely helpful for publicity purposes. While the world is almost entirely dependent on the high tech methods of advertising, it is not wrong to say club flyers are still very important. The humble club flyer is still one of the most priceless tools of promotion. The reason why the same concept has been working for centuries is its effectiveness. They still work!

Club flyer is just another form of a flyer. However, the purpose and intention of use are different. No matter what your business is there is always a type of flyer waiting for you. Club flyers have the potential to communicate your message effectively across diverse people.

cheap club flyers printing ideas

Importance of Club Flyers in Marketing

Not just one but multiple reasons make them an effective marketing tool. Whether you want to launch a campaign or simply make an announcement regarding your business, our club flyers work perfectly for you. This is why we provide 24 hours of club flyers printing in our organization. When in need, you can avail of this service to have the printed flyers in hand almost instantly.

Low-Cost Option

Using club flyers for business is a low-cost option. It is the best option for those businesses that are into budget marketing. It will not only save a good sum for you but also create an effective impact. It is the impact that is sure to generate great leads. Printing club flyers is rather good than overhauling a website with too many expensive campaigns. You also do not need to pay for booking advertising space. Moreover, printing club flyers in bulk are far more cost-effective.

Less Effort more Impact

Printing a club flyer is no big deal. It just involves the simple steps of planning, designing, and printing. Once you have the flyers printed, it can reach in the hands of potential customers almost effortlessly. While many people refrain to accept a roadside flyer, there is a good portion that does not mind getting flyers in hand. Club flyers encourage promotion greatly. However, the design is the most important factor here. A compelling flyer will require a certain level of planning and good hands in designing.

club flyers on 2x5 size

Tangibility is great in Marketing

The truth is people love tangible things. When you provide customers with tangible things it is easy to reach them. As you know flyers are tangible, it has the advantage of reaching out to customers effectively. Even if they do not want to look at the flyers immediately, chances are they will look at it later. The benefit of using a tangible thing in marketing is that people at least have something to put their hands on. This is not at all possible in online marketing. There are many stores printing club flyers near me. But if you want to get the best quality printouts, you can rely on us. Our extensive printing services come with high quality. You can not only trust the printing quality but the paper quality too.

It has a personal Touch

Club flyers are not just tangible but come with a personal touch too. Precisely the message you want to provide the customers to have a personal touch from your end. Your efforts will not only convince the customers but make them think to try your products. Moreover handing the club flyers personally to your customers builds a personal relationship too.

Attention Getters

Club flyers are natural attention-getters. The reason is the attractive design and openness. An attractive design is the key to get more customers’ attention. Hence every marketing form is dependent heavily on creative content. You can design a club flyer in different attractive ways. The next factor is the openness. When customers receive the flyers in hand the campaign is free of any obstructions. This means it is ready for viewing. This is what makes club flyers open and ready for use instantly. People cannot help but look into the flyer at least once.

Do Flyers work effectively?

Yes! Club flyers or any type of flyer work effectively. Although it is one of the most traditional forms of campaigning, flyers still work perfectly in the modern world. They are handy, easy to carry and provide ample time for readers to read it. The problem with digital marketing is that it is too fast and way more advanced. Often people fail to grasp the meaning due to its advancement. As a result, even if digital marketing is important, they prefer sticking to traditional methods. This is for their better understanding.


Spreads to the Mass

It is worth saying, club flyers have great reach. Hence many stores provide overnight club flyers printing services. This ensures that you get the club flyers delivered on time. The more people you distribute the flyers to the better is your scope of expansion. The flyers reach people in mass yet individually. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for club flyers to work effectively even today.

The mass distribution of club flyers is followed by circulation and word of mouth. Many customers will share the flyers with their friends and colleagues after they look at it. These are people whom you may not have provided the flyers for yourself. Yet they have it. Another advantage of flyers is word of mouth. When new people come across your campaigns through flyers they are likely to discuss your business with friends and family. Hence more and more people know about your business.

With the help of our cheap club flyer printing services, you can get the best-printed flyers. These flyers are very affordable and even better when you print in bulk. This is one such form of marketing that will work effectively in a low budget.

How to Design a Good Club Flyer?

Designing a good club flyer is not difficult as long as you know what you will design. This is the reason you should always start with a proper plan or idea. For people who already know how to design good copies should not find this task a difficult one. However, if you have no idea about designing, you have no reason to worry. In such times you can take help from a professional designer or simply follow the basic etiquettes of club flyer designing.

  1. Draw crowds with a good club flyer design: If you want to design a good flyer, you have to take this task seriously. You simply cannot do away with a standard or normal design. Hence use your brain to discover the best creative ideas to design it. The first rule to design an effective club flyer is to keep its creative.
  2. Use a catchy headline: A catchy headline is more likely to get attention than a normal one. It will get attention right from the top. Make sure to keep the headline smart but attractive within three or five words. When the 24 hours club flyer printing company prints the flyers, the headlines should appear attractive. It is not just the word but how you design the individual word matters. Hence give special attention to the headline followed by the rest of the content.

Get the colors Right

  • Color and contrast is the factor that many do not pay close attention. You could have awesome content but for flyers what attracts people the most is the design along with color combination. Make sure you get the colors right. Wrong color selection is going to cost you. For better knowledge, you can acquire more information about colors online. Ensure to use attractive color contrasts so that people find the overall flyers impressive.
  • To create a professional design you can always use neutral color shades such as black, white and gray. However, club flyers are expected to have bold and glittery designs. Hence, use hues that have a fun element in it. For example, if your brand has a fun and bright aesthetic you can use hues such as pink, orange or yellow.

Keep it neat and simple

Never overload the flyer with too much information. This will only spoil the game. No one has time to read detailed information from a random flyer. For the sake of your advantage always use the three-element rules in designing a flyer. The rule needs to include a photo, header and colored object in the focus of the reader.

Highlight event details

It is not just the event details but you should make sure to highlight the main points well. Place these words or sentences in strategic locations to bring them under readers' focus in no effort. Understand the areas in the flyer where the human eye is most likely to hit first.

Blank space

You will say it makes no sense to use blank spaces in a club flyer. But in reality, it makes sense. The blank space or white space is necessary for the reader to soothe their eyes. Don’t make the club flyer too clumsy. Otherwise, people will lose interest to read it.

The size

Choose the right size when it comes to choosing the right club flyer. The store printing club flyers near me offer flyers in different sizes to the customers. We provide our customer's club flyers with size 10”x 3”. You can choose among different options when it comes to quantity.

Printing with Professional Help

For people who have zero knowledge of designing, the best option available is to get professional help. There are many graphic designers you can ask for help. Some of the leading printers can also help you to get good designs before printing the club flyers for you. As long as your budget is not a concern and you want good quality work, choose to get the designs from a professional designer.

The professional designers are very experienced. Once you place your requirement they will provide you with the best possible designs. There is nothing wrong with getting professional help in designing a club flyer. Moreover, once you place your orders you have the option of asking them to make the necessary changes until you get it right.

You may incur extra charges

This is one disadvantage you cannot avoid. If you want to take professional help, you have to incur some extra charges. Since designers will not provide the service for free, you may need to pay the rate they ask in exchange for their services. But if the budget is not the factor, you are almost certain to get the best designs that will give a tough competition to other customers.

Give the flyers special effect

If you are seeking help from a professional overnight club flyer printing company ask them to print in the best paper quality. Subsequently, you should also ask the professional designer to include a special effect on the flyer. This will make the flyer more attractive. Professional designers know how to make the design attractive with unique special effects. Ask them to use certain things that will make the design stand out from the rest of the flyers out there.

Printing in Superior Paper Quality

Now, this is a very important area. Since the club flyers need to have a unique selling proposition, the paper quality plays an important role in reflecting it. Always ask the cheap club flyer printing service provider to give you the best quality paper for the task. This will ensure the design to have a better reflection. A good quality paper will automatically ensure a good quality print. As a result, you can expect it to have a good impact on your potential customers. There are different types of paper quality available for printing. You need to choose the quality depending on your budget.

Club flyer printing is a very important part of flyer printing. This genre is more prone to flashy and glittery contents make sure you design the content well. Never compromise on the paper quality. The design and overall print quality will determine the final output and the impact it will make.

Use Club Flyer Printing in Order to Promote Your Business

Club flyers are considered to be the most versatile and affordable marketing materials. These full-page advertisement prints are handed over to the people so that they can notice your brand. By using club flyers by 55printing, you can easily get noticed by potential customers and clients. Even though drastic changes have taken place in marketing techniques, yet traditional marketing techniques are quite powerful and effective in promoting your company. 

Purpose of Club Flyers

Provide Better Avenue for Marketing: By using club flyers, you are using materials to promote your business and informing the customers that you are creative. These flyers can be given out to a large number of people on strategic areas at any hour of the day.

Save on Advertising Budget: Advertising is expensive and occupies a major portion of the budget. Flyers on the other hand are not expensive. You can easily obtain great deals for flyers and get the job done at a much cheaper price.

Flyer Printing

Reaching Out to More People: By using flyers, you can easily reach out to a large number of people in comparison to the other marketing methods. By printing a large number of copies, you can easily share the business information among people who had not noticed you before.

Impress the Potential Customers: The fact remains that people prefer to have something in their hands which they can touch and feel. Many people also like to save it in their desks so that they can come back to it later.

Advantages of Using Club Flyers

Effectiveness: By using club flyers, you can be sure that your business can be reached out to a large number of targeted audiences. The flyers are used as your sales representative and hence they need to be printed professionally and properly in order to guarantee effectiveness.

Speed: The club flyer printing services use reliable and fast printing technology and hence you can be assured that you would be receiving the flyers within the time set up by you.

High-Quality: The club flyers are of high-quality because the competition in the printing industry is high. The high-quality of the club flyers is effective because it helps in creating a positive impression in the minds of potential customers and clients.

Cost Saving: The club flyers are cost-effective and you can cut down on the expenses which need to be spent on promoting your business. Even if you are running on a tight budget, you can opt for club flyer printing.